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Souls - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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It is my personal belief that every single person on this planet has a soul. I think it floats in the middle of your chest and with one hand it holds up your heart and with the other it reaches into your mind. And if you look deep enough into someones eyes you might just get a glimpse of it, if you're lucky.

Peoples souls are the essence of who they are. When I watch my best friend Levi play guitar, sometimes he closes his eyes during songs and, to me, he is communing with his soul. Erin (usmcvixen) has one of the kindest, gentlest souls I have ever had the pleasure to have seen, but when she gets angry you can see in her eyes as the walls go up, the bridge is drawn, and her castle becomes a fortress. She needs to be able to do that, my girlfriend the Marine.

My grandparents souls are like beautiful quilts that will always keep you warm. My fathers soul is strong and sturdy like an Oak tree that blocks the wind for you.

I think its good to talk about souls.
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usmcvixen From: usmcvixen Date: June 7th, 2005 08:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

That's How This Whole Thing Started

A gentle soul is moved by you, as these walls come down. I find myself anew in you, and replace a rusty crown. Excitement fills me with your kiss, and as each day begins, I know with you a life loved comes to shed old tired skin. Chasing sunsets, midnight oceans and secrets intertwined, we move through life with daring eyes, and leave the past behind.
From: hyperbole Date: June 8th, 2005 03:41 am (UTC) (Link)
How do you see your own soul?
filmgeek84 From: filmgeek84 Date: June 8th, 2005 02:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
I agree-I think souls are so important. I think you only really meet a person once you've glimpsed their soul. Before that, you've only seen what they choose to show you. But you can't sheild or change your soul.
cleobatya From: cleobatya Date: July 15th, 2005 04:23 am (UTC) (Link)
your sister was my roomie in israel. she has a gorgeous soul.
usmcvixen From: usmcvixen Date: December 20th, 2005 06:10 am (UTC) (Link)

You're my boyfriend ...

still not really over that one...

Ya l'blu t'biya

... did you like my new shoes? >:)
From: (Anonymous) Date: April 20th, 2006 11:21 am (UTC) (Link)
where do new souls get made?how do they get assigned,considering population growth and the assumption souls last eternally.eg;g-parents quilting souls.
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