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Merchandise Now Available!!! - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Merchandise Now Available!!!
Well since it seems to be inevitable, so I may aswell join the fad now. Now, for the first time ever, Vlad tshirts are available. That's right, you read right. Vlad tshirts are now available.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I had a single colored* t-shirt with the name of a soon to be celebrity on it" ? Well now you can get your own Vlad tshirt! These shirts range in sizes from small to really fat guy. You can even get them personalized for your friends. I'll write whatever you want me to on them. However, the front always will have "VLAD" in huge black letters on. On the back, I can write something as simple as "Someone with a strange foreign name loves me" to something as strange and cryptic as "Klaatu barada nikto Vlad"** or maybe you want something such as "Happy Mothers Day," WELL TOO BAD!...Ha ha ha. Oh I'm just kidding. I can write that, but I have to warn you, it is a bit topical, and the person you give it to may not be able to wear it all year long. I would like to suggest the all inclusive "Happy ____________ Day!" on the back. That way, you can tape a paper on the back, with whichever holiday you prefer.

Let's imagine this situation....You get a happy day Vlad tshirt for your mother. Then on that mothers day you tape a paper with "Mother's" in the blank space. The next taday, if your mother is dirty and wears the same shirt two days in a row, you can tape a paper that says "Mon" on it, that way, it says "Happy Mon Day!" You could even reuse the same paper by flipping to the other side of it. And as always, there's "VLAD" in big black letters on the front. So no one will be confused as to what kind of shirt it is. Flash forward a few months, and you can tape "Gay pride" in the blank space. Then a few more and "Hannukah" is in the space. Look! "Happy Hannukah Day!" on the back and "VLAD" on the front. And all is well in the land of the tshirt wearer.

To get a tshirt, simply email me with your name and address. I accept payment of all forms. Whether it be a barter of goods or services (wink!) or money. I even take personal checks...Except from Steve.

*Tshirts will not always be colored. Most will be white, as these are the cheapest to buy.

**If you understand this reference, then maybe you and I should talk. VFefer@hotmail.com Re: Earth Stood Still***

***I'm a big dork.

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