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Las Chicas de Spice... - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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Las Chicas de Spice...
Ok, so it's roughly 3 in the morning, and I am still up, cuz I slept though the day and I am watching television. There is rarely anything good on, so I usually spend the that time wading through every single channel we get. So I come upon the spanish channels. For those of you who dont know, the channels here in MoCo Maryland are grouped together. BET/MTV/VH1 are all next to each other, so are ESPNs 1-12, Comcast Sportsnet, and Fox Sports thingee. So anyways, somewhere around channels 7-14 are 3 or 4 different spanish channels. And one of them is showing, of all things, THE SPICE GIRL MOVIE! I think its called Spiceworld or somethin. Anyways, I only saw a few minutes of it. There was a big spaceship and the girls, most of whom are pretty darn hot (or were), are all scared and stuff. And these aliens come down, and the aliens speak spanish. Except there are English subtitles when they speak. So the aliens must have been talking in alienese, but it was dubbed in spanish.

I think the effect is lost when the strange alien beings speak dubbed spanish.

Also, Ginger Spice kisses one of the aliens. She was always the slut.

Current Mood: Spicy

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