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The Ramblings, part 1 - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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The Ramblings, part 1
Here is the first thing I am posting from The Notebook. This was written while under the influence of marijuana. It was my attempt to quantify time.

"Why Perception of Time is Slowed at an Alarming Pace vs. Actual Time

When one gets high they percieve time to be moving about 3 times as slow vs what they're used to. However their intenal clock stays cues on actual biological time and tells the mind that its moving 3 times slower than reality, the mind having already percieved a time distortion by a factor of three will then modify the true perception by a factor of 3 again. This # will then be cues up as reality to the perciever. Therefore [whats written is three dots in a triangle, the mathematical symbol for therefore] If a perciever gets high then guesses 1 minute has passed his mind will experience it as 3 minutes but his internal biological clock will also modify by multiplying by 3 thus what is then cues as reality to the high perciever is "9 minutes have passed." When in actuality only 1 minute of real time was passed. "

Then I have some formulas written down. No joke. I made formulas while I was high. Here they are:

R = Real time
P = Percievers Reality
P = (3R3)

Then I briefly explain that the first 3 is the mind of high person misconstruing reality. While the second three is the mind of the high person trying to counteract what they think is false (time is going slower, so more time must have actually passed).

Yeah. Doesnt make sense to me either.

And people wonder why I say I feel retarded after I get high.
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From: hyperbole Date: January 23rd, 2005 09:51 pm (UTC) (Link)

hahaha this is GREAT.
From: truthseeker18 Date: January 24th, 2005 05:55 am (UTC) (Link)
dude, this is pretty cool. One time when I was high I tried to explain what was going on in my head, and all the time when I was writing it I thought that what i was writing was so brilliant, but it ended up coming out like yours (i.e. not at all clear). I was so disappointed when I sobered up and re-read it.
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