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My options are open - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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My options are open
Mom: So did you even register for classes for next semester?
Me: No, but its not even time to do that.
Dad: What are you talking about? He's done with college. Cant you tell?
Me: I might go to The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in DC.
Dad: What kind of classes would you take?
Me: Its an acting school.
Dad: What kind of classes? Acting classes?
Me: Yeah.
Mom: What kind of school is it? Do they have other classes?
Me: No, its just an acting school.
Mom: Oh...If you can't pay for it, we could help you out.
Dad: He has free everything, and he has a job. He can pay for it himself.
Mom: We can still pay for it.
Me: You paid for Anna's[my sister] college.
Dad: Thats because we had to. If you want me to pay for your schooling you need to go to a real school. You don't need schooling to be an actor. Acting is just that, acting. You don't need someone to teach you that. Jack Nicholson dropped out of school, didnt even finish high school.
Mom: Yes you do. Maybe back then you didn't have to go to school but now you do.
Dad: Making it as an actor is a one in a million thing.
Mom: Well getting training raises your chances of making it.

Me: Or you could give me five thousand dollars and I could move to New York.

Dad: Ok.

(brief pause, as I take that in)
Me: And then you could give me five more next year, and then again the next year, and then again for a fourth time. Kind of like you were paying for me to go to a real school. Except you're subsidizing me, and not a university.
Dad: Umm, no. If you're going to go there, just do it.
Mom: No! You should get some training before going anywhere.
Dad: I think the only way to make it as an actor is by going to New York or LA.
Me: The living expenses there are huge.
Dad: Yeah, but people do it. They dont just stand around and talk about doing it. Thats the only way.

And there you have it. Its not like it can't be done. People have packed up and moved to New York. Theyr'e still doing it.

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filmgeek84 From: filmgeek84 Date: October 24th, 2004 09:21 am (UTC) (Link)
Go. Just do it. Now is the time.
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