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I'd like to introduce.... - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
I'd like to introduce....
I'd like to introduce Boris. I will write about him from time to time. You folks kinda dont know the backstory, so I'll try to fill you in.

Boris drove down the one lane road. He finally came up to the 4-way stop sign. He made a full and complete stop. He waved on the man to his right. He waved on the woman in front of him who was turning left. A car pulled up behind Boris and he smiled. He stayed at the stop sign for what seemed to be seconds. He didn't go anywhere. He stayed for several more seconds and the car behind him honked what can only be described as a polite honk. Then another car pulled up to his right, and Boris waved it on. He smiled again. The car behind him honked again, less politely this time. Boris raised his hand as if in apology to the person behind him, who was getting annoyed as was shown by the third and lengthy honk Boris was given when he didn't move after raising his hand. He raised his hand again and lifted his foot off the brake. He let the car move roughly 11 inches before slamming on the brakes again and jerking it to a stop. This time the honking didnt stop. Boris sat in his car for 4 seconds and then rolled away. He smiled to himself. He loved Be Evil Thursdays.

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