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Not again. - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Not again.
Here goes Vlad, getting all political again.

Hey! Do you guys know why Iran hates us?

Maybe. Or maybe not and if not then we don't care. Infact some of us who do know still don't care.

They hate us because in 1953 they had democratically elected a leader. Then because we didn't like him we went in and put into power a guy we did like. Our CIA trained his secret police who would then go one to become the worst violators of human rights ever, according to Amnesty International. That guy became a militaristic dictator. Of the evil variety. Why would we do such a thing you might ask.

What I might ask is why don't you go get a haircut, hippie?

WELL, it was because of oil interests. Isn't that a bit suprising?

Whats surprising is that you havent written anything funny in a long time. That away message thing sucked.

Hey fuck you! Atleast I'm tryin.


Goddammit! You're breaking the fourth wall!

Aright aright, let's get this over with Laurence of Arabia. Tell me more about Iran.

Well you get the gist of it. Now you can see why countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon hate us. Because of stuff like that...and Iran. I ran so far away-ay-ay.
Couldn't get away!
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