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Science - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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Science, at its best, is communal. Each scientist puts his respective drop in the bucket to further mankinds knowledge. That is until, you hit The Big One. Then its you and Copernicus. You and Newton. You and Einstein.

It is believed that when the world is ready, the knowledge will simply, appear. That mankind can only reach a certain point before he breaks through the next barrier. Parallel discovery they call it.

You probably have no idea who Alfred Russel Wallace is, but in scientific circles, or among those "in the know" he is the "co-discoverer" of the theory of natural selection, right behind the Great and Mighty Darwin. You see, Wallace had this idea, so he wrote about it. Then he went to go see if he was right.

But Darwin read what Wallace wrote, and suddenly all those different-beaked swallows in the Galapagos made perfect sense. And so Darwin published his papers on the theory of evolution. Then he wrote a book. Wallace saw the lead. But Darwin closed the deal. That's why we remember Darwin.

And so, even though when you first heard about the song "I shot the Sheriff" you immediately thought "But I did not shoot the deputy," you do not get credit for it, nitwit027.
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From: truthseeker18 Date: April 8th, 2004 01:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
Along those same lines, not that many people know who Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz is, outside philosophical circles at least, and yet around the same time as Isac Newton, he also discovered the calculus. But, alas, Newton is the one we credit with that discovery. At least Leibniz was famous for other things.
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