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Q3 profits and morale are up! - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Q3 profits and morale are up!
Well, the third fiscal quarter is winding down and so we here at Vladimir Enterprises LLP figured it was a good time to update you good folks on our progress with Vlad 2.0. But first, congratulations go out to Comedysportz DC. They are expanding into a theater more than twice the size of the current one. If you really want to see Vlad 1.0 working up to potential, go see a show.

Now, as many of you may have noticed in the last few months, the Crappy_'87_Civic_Wagon protocal has been replaced with a much more reliable 98_Nissan_Sentra PTP (Personal Transfer Protocal). Luckily, our CFO Stanley Bostitch has informed me that this upgrade did not deplete our funding as previously expected. Many thanks go out to our private donors, the not-for-profit Grandparents Guild and the hopefully-they'll-have-enough-money-to-retire Parents Association.

Technical issues arise from time to time with Vlad 1.0. We are currently in beta-testing of a certain form of the LZW algorithm that will work with Creativity.exe to make Vlad write stories faster. It seems to make Vlad work on writing more regularly, but it also overpowers RushOfPureBrilliance_BecauseStoryIsDueIn2Hours.exe. Yet, it also overpowers RushOfPureCRAP.exe so we're torn as to what to do.

The GYM/WORKOUT.EXE file used to sit on the desktop. However, if you have run the Desktop Cleanup Agent, which gets rid of things you haven't used in a very long time, you may have noticed it disappeared. Our suggestion is using the GYM/WORKOUT.exe file occasionally. But, our suggestions are usually not acted upon.

Recently there has been very little communication between Vladimir Enterprises LLP and Debby From Creative Writing, Inc. Although both company leaders have stated they "definitely need to get together" there has been very little getting together, in every sense of the term. In fact, they haven't been seen in close proximity in almost a month. Most of the company has given up, though Lloyd Dobler in Mergers and Acquisitions still holds out hope.

Thanks for sticking with Vladimir Enterprises LLP, and remember:
If we ever sell your email address, YOU get half the profit!*

*Minus shipping.

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nitwit027 From: nitwit027 Date: March 23rd, 2004 01:46 pm (UTC) (Link)


HOLYCRAP.EXE thats is pretty damn funny there my friend. are there any mergers in the making for Vladimir Enterprises LLP...and what does the LLP stand for? do you make plastic cups? i need plastic cups...i hope Vladimir Enterprises makes plastic cups...blue plastic cups.

metavlad From: metavlad Date: March 23rd, 2004 09:47 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: holycrap.exe

Limited Liability Partnership.
- The Lawyer.
From: hyperbole Date: March 23rd, 2004 02:55 pm (UTC) (Link)


watch out for hackers.
filmgeek84 From: filmgeek84 Date: March 23rd, 2004 03:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
You make my brain hurt.
priapism From: priapism Date: March 23rd, 2004 11:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
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