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www.googlism.com - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
I found the site a LONG time ago, like atleast a year back. Here's what it has to say about me. Of course, I cannibalized it.

vlad is huge m****f*****
vlad is so steeped in myth and legend that it is most difficult to sort the truth out from the myth and legend
vlad is armed with the wailing blade
vlad is still a work in progress at best Here
vlad is currently operating this website [How true it is, here.]
vlad is an assassin and small time crime lord
vlad is badly wounded in battle
vlad is thrust when he discovers to his lament he only has two real skills </b>
vlad is the man
vlad is great
vlad is a genius
vlad is
vlad is a freeware Here
vlad is _not_ dead
vlad is a 9 Here
vlad is a person first
vlad is witty
vlad is heartbroken and distraught once again
vlad is wandering from place to place trying to find a cure </b>
vlad is without warranty or liability But tech support is always available.
vlad is arrested
vlad is an assassin
vlad is the god's equivalent of soap operas
vlad is being too deliberately mysterious
vlad is a calculating and matter
vlad is the direction of the line
vlad is good
vlad is underrated Here
vlad is back Here

I searched for Vladimir, but it was all very boring. I think these should be the subjects of the rest of my posts till I get to the "Vlad is back" one, and then it'll be me again.

[Edit: I realized, that, I've done some of these posts before. Also, mangelamustdie just did a great one on assasins so I can't do that. But here's Vlad is a 9/Vlad is underrated.
And Vlad is freeware/Vlad is still a work in progress at best. "Vlad is back", well if I WERE have said it, it would have been in april of 2003, when I started posting after not posting for a year.
Vlad is.

[Edit: 1/23/04. I'm going to try to do these posts. Not in any particular order. As they get written they will be crossed out and/or linked.]
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From: mangelamustdie Date: January 20th, 2004 10:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
hey, thanks.
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