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My Story - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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My Story
I was riding high on the tech boom. My dot com was about to go public, but incase I didn't want to follow that route, Microsoft also wanted to buy me out for a nice $2.3 million. Then the whole market went belly up. All of a sudden no one wanted to invest in PrintYourOwnPlayMoney.com. I went from summers in the Hamptons to winters on the streets of DC. Thats where the Free Bus for Homeless People drops you off. It picks you up in places like Nantucket and San Diego, in order to keep them "clean", and drops you off in NYC or DC. Mine went to DC. I thought it was headed for the "O.C." but I had misread because of my poor malnutritioned eyes.

So there I am, broke and homeless in DC, when all of a sudden, who would you guess comes strolling up the sidewalk but George W. Bush himself! I recognize him immediately. Its something in those eyes, that stupid glazed over look, the evil that you want to be lurking there but just isn't cuz he thinks he's doin right by me, the knowledge he once almost died from a pretzel. So I think of all the things I want say to him. Think of how I can succintly sum up my story, but still tug on his heart strings. How maybe if he understood what I was going through, he'd understand what America was going though. Then it all becomes clear. As he gets closer, I stand up. Finally, when he reaches me, I KICK'EM IN THE BALLS! "YEAH BITCH! WHAAAAT!" I yell. Then I run the fuck outta DC.

I'm not allowed to fly anymore, but it was worth it.

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From: mangelamustdie Date: January 16th, 2004 09:17 am (UTC) (Link)
I was wondering where all the homeless people went when the sun went down? Who would have thought they were trasported to D.C.
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