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Recent Events
A Post, in Three Parts

Part, The First: Tuesday Night I talked to Debby, finally. See, what happened was I stayed up really late/early monday night. And then I proceeded to call her at 6:45am. I was planning on leaving a babbling message but it turned out to be "Hey itsVladitsabout7AMandIguessI'lltalktoyoulaterbye." Nervousness? Perhaps.
So later that day (Tuesday) I went to work. By 9:15 it was totally dead. And I'm in the kitchen when I hear what seems to be a cell phone ringing. But its a very boring and indistinct tone. Just like the one I have. So I go to my jacket and lo and behold, it IS my phone! And guess who is calling? Debby! But I get no service in the kitchen or anywhere within 20 feet of the restaurant so when I try to pick it up, the call dies. Cut to: Vlad at the Host stand explaining to the Hostesses that they CAN NOT seat me. "I have to go make a really important phone call. I'll come back and tell you when you can seat me."

Being a really good employee and letting the Manager keep your station open for service, even when it should be closed, almost every night affords you the ability to say "Dont seat me" on those rare occassions when something like this happens. So I grab my cell phone and run out to my car and call Debby at 9:33PM, atleast thats when my cell phone says I called her. And we talked for a while and then I realized I was on the clock so I told her I had to go and promised to call her on Sunday. (She's getting her wisdom teeth out today, and will be recovering the next few days.)I get back in the restaurant at 9:53. Two tables had come in and they probably would have been given to me had Debby not called...she saved me from staying there for an extra hour (yay!).

Part, The Second: Wedneday at 10:45AM I was at the MVA. Awaiting my trial. For those of you who dont know, 90% of the time I am a very safe and defensive driver. I got this way after getting a 5 point speeding ticket and a 3 point failure-to-not-crash-into-the-guy-in-front-of-you ticket. Thats 8 points and that means a suspended license. My license was already suspended once because I got two moving violations (the ones stated above) on a provisional license. So I go in for my hearing and beg and plead my case. My case being, "I only go to school and work, and I dont drive anywhere else." Which is true. Where do I go to school? Montgomery College Rockville. Full time or part time? Part time. Where do I work? Outback Steakhouse and Comedysportz, and improv comedy troupe in Arlington. Well, after some deliberation he decided that since I wasn't a major danger to anybody on the road (I learned my lesson) he would give me a reprimand. Woohoo!

It didn't really hit me until I walked back to my car. Then a huge toothy grin fell upon my face. I couldn't help but smile for the rest of the day. Pure joy.

Also, here's something interesting, the son of the Judge that did my hearing is in Erasable Ink, UMCP's improv troupe. Josh Segovia is a part of Ink and Comedysportz DC. The Judge knows Josh. Talk about degrees of separation. I found all this out AFTER he said he wouldn't suspend my license cuz we chatted a bit afterwards. He asked about Sportz and I love drumming up interest.

Part, The Third: I thought of a good domain name. http://www.OrangeYouGlad.com, Too bad its taken by a graphic design firm.

Also, I wanted to post this yesterday, but slept the day away. Then I went to CSz practice and did some kick ass scenes. Ask me about reversals.
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