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Too much - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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Too much
Its friday night, and what did I do today? I worked 7 hours. I work at the oh so lovely

Now, things aren't that bad. Out of 4 managers I only dislike 1, and almost everyone else on the staff is awesome. Thats what happens when you personality test every single applicant. But the thing is I work at Outback on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. And I'm at Comedysportz on Wednesdays(rehearsal), Thursdays (8pm show), and Saturdays (3pm/730pm/10pm shows). There is no 8th day of the week for me to sit around and ponder life.

I have a very tiny social life. If I were to get a job that involved me working say, 9am to 3pm, then I would do nothing but work. And while the bank account may slowly be growing, the lack of a social life is starting to get irksome.

Now, the solution to this problem is obvious. Cut back on either Outback or CSz. Now, I can't cut down at Outback because I will lose the health insurance that took me forever to get. The diabetic part of me doesnt like that idea.

So the answer is less Comedysportz. But right now I'm really coming into my own at CSz. And its one of the only stress relievers I have. Its also an outlet for all my creative energy. If I didnt do Comedysportz, I would kill someone go insane. Thats why the idea of me working some insane amount of time at Outback could never work. At Outback, I'm one of the funniest people there. At Comedysportz, I'm in the 60th percentile, if I'm lucky (theres like, 40 people in the troupe). If I'm with people that can make me laugh, like honestly laugh, then I am at peace, and thats what Comedysportz is.

So I have no social life, I mean, [sarcasm]atleast I'm not wastin my money on silly things like clubs[/sarcasm]. And at Outback there's all the baked potatoes, bread, and soda I can eat. I guess life aint that terrible.
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