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My Cell Phone (Or, How a simple 10 dollars can cost you your soul) - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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My Cell Phone (Or, How a simple 10 dollars can cost you your soul)
Like most moderately middle class folk in this day and age, I have a cell phone. Its a tiny little thing, that most girls would call "cute." It costs roughly 35 bucks a month. Its a $29.99 a month plan. It would be 39.99, but I agreed to a one-year commitment. And now I have a fear of commitment.

See, it stipulates that I continue to have the phone for a year. And if I cancel the plan, I have to pay some huge ass amount of money. After of about a month into the one year plan, that amount of money is actually HIGHER than me having the phone (and paying for it month by month) for a year.

Sprint is silly.

But I've wondered so many times, what I could do, if I only opted-out of my commitment. There are so many better phones out there! Me and my phone dont even get along anymore. My phone and I used to have so much. There used to be so much communication. We'd do so many things together! We'd go online together! We'd play games together! But now, we barely even see each other. Its always in the charger, and I'm always working.

We dont even understand each other anymore. "Out of service," what is that supposed to mean?!


Current Mood: discontent

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