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And party ev-uh-ree day! - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
And party ev-uh-ree day!
I live the life of a rockstar. Christian Rock.

I've given this some thought, and I think the only reason I havent devoted my life to becoming a full fledged rockstar is because of livejournal and AIM. "You mean livejournal and AIM keep you distracted from fulfilling your rockstar dreams, Vlad?" you might be asking. Well, no. You're way off.

You see, if I really wanted, I could be a total rockstar right this moment. I can produce tracks hotter than anything Pharrel has even dreamed of and write lyrics better than Bob Dylan and Eminem put together.

But you see if I did, then pretty soon, my deep introspective lyrics would be posted all over livejournals and away messages/AIM profiles everywhere. "But isn't more exposure better for the artist?" you might be asking. Well, no. Led Zepplin refused to issue singles because they viewed their songs were best experienced as an album. Well, my songs are so mind enhancing/blowing that you have to hear the song. And if someone just read the lyrics, they couldn't even come close to fathoming how awesome the song was.

Note: The third paragraph of this post is complete bull. So are the last two sentences of the fourth paragraph.

Note: Incase you didn't grasp the irony of the subject heading, musically speaking KISS is considered one of the worst bands out there. "OH! Now I get it!" you might be saying. Well, no. (Note: The rule of three in action.)

Current Mood: musical
Current Music: Tool has some good music

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