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Crackah please! - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Crackah please!
OK, so I get accosted by some random person on IM. And their screenname ends in "88" so I say "are you 15?" and the convo continues:
them: "14"
me: "Then I shouldn't talk to you."
them: "why not"
me: "because 14 year olds are bothersome"
them: "u hert"
me: "And you spell things like that"
them: "bye whore"

He or she, called me a whore. Since when does not wanting to talk to someone deserve being called a whore? Sure I was a bit harsh, but still, "whore" ? Come on.

Current Mood: uncomfortable

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