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It kills me - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
It kills me
You dont HAVE to read this.

So here you are, bored and reading my journal
And I'm just ranting this racket infernal
I turned on the tv and music was on
That always flips my mindset, that frickin song

It reminds me of you, stabs me deep in the chest
"Be patient" I say, like its all for the best
Or perhaps this is simply one giant test
To mess with my head, see if I'm a cut above the rest

And the phone just sits there, and it never rings
And the wound--it'll heal--still very much stings

Do a pushup or two, fix the hair with the comb
"Know that people love you, you're never alone"
Except every second, when nobodys home

And my heart is cavern, through which I roam
Not a torch or a candle, illuminate its dome

Calm yourself, be at peace, breath and say "ohm"
Fuck you hippie! YOU go be in the zone.

Turning off my mind, and leaving my chair
Rationality speaks "Step outside, get some air"
In the night, there is silence, and no one is there
Except the uncaring darkness, returning my stare

The sun breaks the horizon, a new day, a fresh start

I cant figure out an ending to this. I've got plenty of rhymes, but I dont know which way it should go, or should I say, I dont know how its going to go.

I know, I should be a poet.

Current Mood: lonely

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