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More rap stylings (careful, its tangental...haha genital!) - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
More rap stylings (careful, its tangental...haha genital!)
I get out of the shower and I put on a towel.
Pat Sajak's on tv, and I wanna buy a vowel.
Thats right, I shower at 7 oclock at night.
Cuz I just came back from the gym and I feel alright.
No a 7 oclock shower is not too late
Cuz soon I'll be with my baby on a date.

At the gym I work my pecs, bi-s and tri-s
If I dressed up like Frank N Furter I would wear Knee-highs
But I'm not a transvestite from transylvania
I'm just a rapping dude with beatle-mania
John Paul George, and dont forget Ringo
who ate your baby? Thats right, the dingo.
I'm a plethora of pup culture information
Whats your favorite part of the russian space station?
My favorite part is the name, Mir
"Would you like some coffee?" "Thank you dear"
Says the husband to the darling wife
who he really wants to stab with a knife
cuz she cheated on him at the christmas party
with you ask? his best friend Marty!
Thats the right, the one who went back in time
Back to '55, it was sublime.
Using the dangerous and crazy, capacitor of Flux
He went back before Apocolypse Now: Redux
Which had Larry F. mentor to Neo
Who was prophesized to die, by lady who resembles Miss Cleo
But he didnt die, he went a bogus journey, yea he went real far
And who was he led by? YEAH! Ringo Starr!
Which bring us back to what I said before
And I hope this rhyme was not a bore.

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