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The Pirates of Dark Water - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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The Pirates of Dark Water
Ok, just in case you're a loser a didn't know, I shall now inform you. The Pirates of Dark Water was and still is one of the best cartoons ever made. If you agree, good. If you disagree, allow me to make my point.

First, it has adventure. I'm not talking Batman-in-the-city stuff. I'm talking Indiana-Jones-life-risking stuff. But it was also set in a fantasy world, so those of us who were into D&D/AD&D loved it for that. Not that I was one of those people.

Secondly, it had an ongoing storyline. Ren and company were searching the the 13 treasures of Rule, so that they could destroy the dark water. Its ongoing storylines that keep people interested week in and week out. Its why people love soap operas and professional wrestling. Its why we fell in love with X-Files, because you could be certain that about every 3rd or 4th week there would be SOMETHING that pushed forward the hope that Moulder would actually prove aliens existed.

Third, along with the ongoing storylines, there were smaller storylines within each show, usually two. We all have small attention spans, so having 2 storylines in a show helps keep us entertained, cuz just as soon as we're bored with a set of characters in one adventure we can jump to another set of characters in another adventure. Usually they all tied together in the end of episode too, which we have been conditioned to expect and love by all the sitcoms and such.

Lastly, it was just damn good. The characters were interesting. Deep down it was good versus evil. And who wants evil to triumph? Jerks. And if you say it was a bad show, then that means you want evil to triumph and that makes you a jerk. Now, do you want to be a jerk? I didn't think so.

Pirates of Dark Water Rules!

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