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You know what? - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
You know what?
You know what? The way I figure if I quit comedysportz. And I quit goin to class. And I get a day job. And I work at Outback every day. It will only take me about 6 or so months to get enough money to get a good car. Then when I get that, I'll work for another few months and save up as much money as I can. Then I'll run away. Either to NY or LA. And then I can work my fuckin ass off over there and try to make something of myself. Maybe do off-off-off Broadway type stuff or somethin.
AND THEN after a year of that. I'll come back to Maryland, prolly something like the day before I turn 21. Just so I can jazz it up old school. I figure I'd stick around through june, and then jet again, after picking up anybody who wanted to come with.


Current Mood: I fucking wish.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: September 17th, 2003 09:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm down with that...running away to NYC is the bomb! Maybe I could hit up some off off broadway too...hrm...but those are just throughts. I have a theory, we can do whatever we want to before we're 25, then we have to start taking responsibility for ourselves, other than that, live it up and start crossing shit off your life todo list. O yea, and hey Vlad! ;)

~Tori who you havent talked to in forever!~
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