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I have a question - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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I have a question
Indiana Jones is on nbc right now(and they say theres nothin good on saturdays). Anyways, its the temple of doom, and they're riding the carts in the mine shaft, and I start to wonder, why are these henchmen so freaking loyal?
Well, I guess these guys arent henchmen, but cult members, so cult members are more loyal than henchmen. Ok, these guys drank the blood and are cult members, but in EVERY OTHER movie the henchmen do the same thing.

I mean, seriously, why would you ever go blindly attacking some guy, cuz he was trying to ruin your bosses evil plans? I mean, nobody likes their job, and evil bosses make it even worse I bet.

How much would you have to get paid to be a henchmen? And what about insurance? I need insurance if I have a job. And what insurance company would want to cover henchmen?

And lastly, if anyone of you ever figures out cold fusion, I'm sorry if I ever did anything bad to you. Dont kill me.


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