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High stakes... - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
High stakes...
This is a wierd entry that makes very little sense and I go on a bunch of tangents.

I watched "7 Days" today. For those of you who DONT know, I'll fill you in. 7 Days is a show about a secret gov't project in which this dude (Frank Parker) goes back in time 7 days and stops whatever terrible thing that happened from occurring. It's very tongue in cheek most of the time, and never takes itself too seriously. For example, it never has ONCE even mentioned the fact that if he goes back in time, he'll meet himself again and again, and this show lasted quite a while, theoretically there should have been something like 20 Frank P's by the end.

Anyways, I kinda realized why I like the show so much. It's because of Frank P.
Frank is totally built.He's very charismatic. He saves the world constantly. The ladies love him. And he's damn witty.
He's like a workin man's James Bond. He's what alot of guys wanna be, the hero.
He's also totally in love with Dr. Olga Vukovich(total babe), a scientist that works there down in Cheyenne Mountain (where NORAD and lotsa other secret stuff is). In every single episode along with the whole saving the world thing, Frank also tries to win the affections of Olga, but he also pretty much charms any OTHER woman that happens to appear in the episode.

I recently saw an awesome movie called 100 Girls that I think said it best, "A guy can fall in love with a different girl every single day" so we put up this "anti-intimacy shield." Thats what Frank and every other guy does.

You can ask nitwit027 how many times I have said the words "I love you" to some random girl that caught my eye as we're walking down the street or something. He knows I don't mean it the same way I would say it to mk. And of course the girl couldn't hear me. But for one brief flicker of a second there is that thought. I used to base my life on fate. Like if a saw a girl standing somewhere and I was going somewhere, if I came back to that same spot where I saw her, and she was there, my first instinct would be to go up and talk to her, because she and I were there for a reason. Fate. But fate only takes you so far. It would be up to me to go talk to her. And I never did. Silly me.

You better catch it on the flipside, cuz it's comin right back at ya.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: September 12th, 2003 07:12 pm (UTC) (Link)


Random kisses.... mwa! mwa!
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