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Warning: this gets graphic - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Warning: this gets graphic
Well, since steve updated his lj today so many times that he more than quadrupled his total posts, I think I'll post some parts of the conversation we had today.

Backstory: We're talkin about a girl...

Vladnroses: Thoughts?
Nitwit027: fuck her
As you can tell, steve's almost as hardcore as me.

And now we're talkin about Hillary Duff, who he has a thing for...

Vladnroses: OMG its your girl! (Hillary Duff's video comes on mtv)
Vladnroses: this is a tight video, btw
(steve send me a picture of her thru IM)
Nitwit027: so hot
Nitwit027: you could put any product on that picture and sell it
Nitwit027: got milk
Vladnroses: umm, if she did a got milk print ad
Vladnroses: that would kill you
Nitwit027: yea
Vladnroses: with all the white stuff on her lips
Vladnroses: you'd die
Nitwit027: yea
Nitwit027: i would
Vladnroses: or atleast suffer a minor stroke
Nitwit027: yea
Nitwit027: deff

Good times.
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