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Love... - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
OK, so lets go back in time. Not Bill and Neo style, but rose tinted glasses of memory style.

Back in high school, around 10th grade, I had this thing for this girl. I'm gonna save myself the trouble of naming her, those who know, know. Anyways, it was like, a long building thing. Like all throughout 9th and 10th grades, it built and built. And my 10th grade brain said to my 10th grade heart, "you know what? let's go for it! what have we got to lose?" What prompted this? Well, she was single. I was single. We were in high school and dating was the thing to do. I mean, thats just what you do! [And thats why I hate the fact that my little sister started high school last tuesday]

Anyways, I think it was a tuesday when I decided to ask her out. Then on wednesday I heard rumors that some other guy liked her. Of course he was in our circle of friends. Thats what happens in high school. You have a group of friends and everybody dates everybody. Well not me. It wasn't my scene. Anyways, here comes thursday and I plan on asking her out on friday, cuz if she says no, then I have the whole weekend to either blow it off or over analyze my faults. I tend to do the latter. Anyways, I'm talkin to the guy who I heard also likes her on IM thursday afternoon, and I'm like "yeah I think i'll ask her out tomorrow" and he goes "dude, sorry, but i asked her out this morning, and she said yes"

BAM! Just like that. Why? Cuz I hesitated. No, not even hesitated. I didn't do a damn thing for pretty much the whole year. I think thats more than hesitation. She and him dated for quite a while, and then they broke up. Then she dated another guy. And another. She's in a happy relationship right now.

Senior year. There's this girl that likes me. Its a fact. Everybody knows it. EVERYBODY. If there was a paper, that covered this kind of stuff, there would be a big ol headline that says "THIS CHICK LIKES VLAD" and it would have a picture of her being beautiful and a picture of me probably making some stupid ass goofy face. I did nothing. I was a fucking wuss.

I like to live by the motto "regret nothing"
Thats a pretty hard mantra to live by. But the few things that I actually do regret, not going for it with those girls, would have to be on the top.

I hope when the next opportunity arises, well, I hope to be happy.

Right back at ya.
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From: (Anonymous) Date: September 7th, 2003 09:02 pm (UTC) (Link)

I feel your pain man

Vlady, heh, me and you got the same damn problems. heh. and they suck ass. later buddy
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