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Music.... - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
I saw this group called Northern State at HFStival.
Theyre 3 girl rappers, kinda like a female version of the beastie boys, like, OLD SCHOOL beastie boys. And not just the trio thing, but theyre whole style is old school beastie, and its about 420am, and I am flippin channels, and I come to CNN, and since no one watches CNN at 420am, theyre showin just whatever, and the little bit I happened to see was called "the music room" where they were goin over new music acts that are just coming out, so today they focused on female rappers, the first was some chick from australia, who said people call her "feminem." Yeah right. And they showed a video, and she seemed like a wanna be faith hill. Anyways, the next artist, was NORTHERN STATE.
And they had a video, and they sounded just like they did at hfstival. And while at hfstival they werent very professional looking, and I didn't think anything of them, these girls just might make it with some good marketing a few good songs.
Lets just hope they have those good songs, to back up their good marketing (THEYRE ON CNN FOR GOODNESS SAKE!).
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