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Ladies and Gentlemen, it CAN be done! - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it CAN be done!
Background info:
I was a freshman and still falling in love with theatre when I first went to State Theatre Festival. It blew my mind. Then, later that year I went to National Theatre Festival. It blew my mind a hundred times over. At Nationals I saw Magruder HS do Hello Dolly starring a senior named Chris Carmack. Carmack went on to a full scholarship from NYU. And then we lost all traces of him, although he dated a friend of a friend of a friend. Or something like that.

Kinda Recent update:
The show Strangers with Candy is on Comedy Central. Its kind of a culty thing, dark humor and the such. "The things people cry about, we laugh at" one of the creators said once.
Chris Carmack is a guest star in one episode. Literally! He shows up, and the episode is about his character. But he doesn't get a lasting role.

Most recent update:
Fox wants to win back the audience it had back in the 90210/Melrose Place days. They know the whole reality thing we blow up in their face soon. I mean, even I know its gonna be gone soon. Hallelujah to that, even though we're a nation of voyeurs (more on this later). Anyways, Fox is bringing in like, 3 new scripted dramas, one of which is called The OC. Which is like, some place in cali or something from what I can tell. Anyways, theres this kid who gets in trouble and his parents kick'em out, and so his lawyer takes him in. In "OC" theyre all rich and stuff (kinda like Bethesda) and he's like a troubled kid. Y'know, the fish out of water thing, kinda of like when jason prestly and shannon doherty{sp?) moved from minnesota to beverly hills (in 90210).
I see a preview for this show, and in one seen, a bunch of guys are beating up the kid who has just moved to OC, AND ONE OF THEM IS CHRIS CARMACK!!!!!!!! Thats right. he went to Magruder HS. Moved to Hollywood, and now has been in atleast 2 tv shows.

I dunno if he has a recurring role in OC or not, but I hope to find out.

Man. That frigin rules. That rekindles my hope for a future in this business.

Current Mood: hopeful

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