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Boris spendathon!!! - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Boris spendathon!!!
Boris had spent $2,347. No, he didn't buy a REALLY good computer. No, he didn't buy a crappy used car. No, he didn't buy a russian bride.

Boris spent 2,347 dollars on knives. You see, Boris was in love with the lady who sold him the knives. Her name was Ana. She came to his house, and she showed him these knives that she "knew he'd love," but he loved her.

Boris had a weak heart. He fell easily for people. Once he bought $1200 worth of vacuums from a man whom he thought he was in love with. That was when he thought he was gay. Turned out it was indigestion.

By the 12th time Ana came by his house, she was out of different knives to sell him. Then she had to explain to him that these knives were not the kind he was used to, they were not plastic, nor were they designed by Chicken Out Rotisserie. "You can't just throw these out," she told him.

"Ana I'm in love with you!"
"No you're not Boris."
"Yes, I am!"
"Boris, what do you mean by love?"
"Well, you come to my house. And you're so enthusiastic about these knives, and I just love it, and so I buy them."
"Boris, I'm going to stop coming here and you're going to have to stop calling my fax machine. And my boss doesn't like it when you send bread baskets to my office...especially if you've sliced and eaten some of the bread...even if you leave a note saying you sliced the bread with our knives!"
"Oh, ok."
"I'm going now Boris, have a nice day."
"Bye Ana! I won't forget you!"

She went out the door, and out of his life. Atleast she had left him with a little under three thousand dollars worth of knives.
Thats more than the chocolate saleswoman left him.

Of course, he HAD eaten the chocolates.

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beachnymph From: beachnymph Date: June 15th, 2003 08:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

By Far The Greatest Boris Story...

...simply because I'm in it! The story made me laugh so much! I absolutely loved it! :oD
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