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the gym - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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the gym
Ok, so I joined the gym and I also got the power 90 series from BeachBody.
Now, the question is, after I do the power90 series, I'll have to go to a gym maintain my health, but I already have the gym membership, and it takes 90 days(3 months) to do power90. So should I stop my gym membership (39 a month) and sign up again later and save myself 80 bucks (1 month free) or what? Cuz I dont wanna overwork myself by doin power 90 and goin to the gym alot.
But the gym has all those nice classes I wanted to take...Yoga! Pilates!...I'm such a bandwagoner. :\

I also have to make an appt with an endocrinologist.

And I did sleep today (if you noticed its 5am) I already woke up. I know, I'm a freak.
Time to do philosophy....

Current Mood: Blood Sugar - 105
Current Music: Audioslave - Like a Stone

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