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Here we go... - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Here we go...
OK, I shall now create a timeline of events all of which happened in normal speed. None of which was in slow motion. Because I am not, repeat, NOT in the Matrix. Despite my wishes.

Thursday May 15: Alex and I see The Matrix: Reloaded. That movie is the shit. And that girl got hotter from when I saw her last. Which was roughly forever and a day ago.
Current phrase: "Thats hot."
And believe me, lots stuff was hot.

Friday May 16: Current phrase: "Thats hot."

Saturday May 17: Current phrase : "Thats hot."

Sunday May 18: Steve gets back from school. He and I hang out, like all day. He proceeds to steal "Thats hot."

Monday May 19: Me and steve have some wild and crazy fun. Infact, its so wild and crazy we go to Alex's house and play Enter the Matrix on the PS2 for like, 3 hours. After which, we go to steves house, and I stay up playin Battlefield 1942 till 330am. Steve falls asleep by 2. I'm such a crazy frigin guy.

Tuesday May 20: I worked. Man you frigin guys.

Wednesday May 21: New phrases: "you frigin guys" "you frigin guy" "man you frigin guys" and "you're such a frigin guy" All said in a weird raspy voice/bad mexican accent/bad Strong Bad impression. I also start talking in that voice, all the time, intersplicing those phrase, everywhere. Steve gets sick of that fast. And I complain that he stole "Thats hot."
Me and steve buy a PS2 at Circuit City, along with Enter The Matrix, for the PS2. Then we head over to game crazy to buy a memory card, and buy a PS2 and a memory card there. Then we go back to circuit city and return that PS2. The PS2 at game crazy, gives me 12 free game rentals. Thats crazy, man you frigin guys.
Dave is back from school, so after comedysportz rehearsal, me and steve pick up Dave at his house, then we all go to my house and play Enter the Matrix until about 330am.
Thursday May 22: Jon is back fron school, and he and steve hang out, while I go to Mr Voice at Comedysportz. I get back and I go to steves house and see jon for like, an hour, then I drive him home, and me and steve end up going to daves house to pick him up.
I sit in the car, while steve goes walkin around dave's house lookin to throw rocks at hit window, or something I guess. As I sit in the car, I look at the house, and see a head in the window. This tiny window inly lets you see someones head if they ar standing in this particular bathroom of daves house. I quickly get out of my car and start waving at the window. Dave sees me, cuz he's quick like that, and comes to the door (front door, not bathroom door). And I make note of the INCREDIBLE timing I have. Cuz it takes like, 45 seconds to go to the bathroom, so Dave window of opportunity to see me (thru the window, no pun intended) was roughly that. Man we're good. We got to my house and play Matrix until about 330am. We're startin to sense a pattern here.

Friday May 21: I get my shift covered, and me and dave go to The Matrix: Reloaded. Dave's first time, my second. We both love it, duh. Then he and i meet up with jon and steve and we go see Alex's Fantasticks show. Meh. 'Saright. What was fun, was sittin in the back, and makin fun of lots of stuff. We're good like that. Then, me and dave follow everyone back to IHOP, a restaurant which has always been used as a last resort, since the theatre shows usually get out like at 11, and nothing else is open. But its 1030. So me and dave, go to Outback. Everyone gets mad at us for doin this. Jon wouldnt even shake my hand when I left.
Cut to 15 minutes later: Me and dave have gotten out Outback food and are about to leave, when steve calls, seems he and a bunch of others are goin to Outback, being driven by Jon.
I wonder to myself why people didnt listen when I said "lets go to outback" way back at the school, right after the show let out. So me and dave stick around for a little and Steve Jon Alex and Kourtney show up. Kourtney, by the way, was a nice relief to the lack of interest in Alex's show. No offense, but Alex didnt have good material to work with. The Fantasticks, sucks in general.
We eat at outback, and then go to my place, where we proceed to play Enter the Matrix. Then we beat it.
At the end of The Matrix: Reloaded, after the credits and everything, there is a trailer for The Matrix Revolutions. At the end of Enter the Matrix, there is an even longer one.
Saturday May 24: HFSTIVAL! More to come...

Current Mood: Man you frigin guys.
Current Music: Somebody get this frickin duck away from me!

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