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Blunt-itude - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
Just to clarify, this post will not be about pot, or cigars filled with pot.

Ya ever wanted to just snap? You know, you're talking to your friend and theyre "my life sucks whats wrong with me?" And you wanna say "lots of things! now shadap!" but, since you're a good friend you just reassure them of their greatness.

Oh well, I'm sure its all for the best. I mean, we all need reassurance every once in a while.

Note: This post was not meant at anyone in particular that I have talked to in the last week. And since I dont remember trivial conversations for more than a week, and this post was about trivial conversations, if you take offense to this post, you can bite me, you stupid, stupid person.

Note2: The "bite me, you stupid, stupid person" remark was only meant for those who took offense to this post, and since you're smarter than that, it was not meant for you, but if you took offense to it anyhow, BITE ME!

Complaints can be sent to Vfefer@hotmail.com with the subject "I am a big, fat, stupid loser" or "I am a small, skinny, stupid loser" whichever suits you better.

Current Mood: Blunt-ified

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