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Another day.... - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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Another day....
So it was just a regular day today. I went to work, and they gave me a really good section, which within it had the possibility of my making alot of money, but as always, that didnt happen. But I think today was supposed to cancel out yesterday. You see yesterday I made 60 bucks on a bet on Preakness (a horse race, for those of you who dont know). 10 of us put 10 bucks in each, and we all drew horses out of a bag, 30 mins before the race. I got Funny Cide, the favorite, and he won, so I got 60 bucks. Second place got 30, and third got his money back. It was pretty sweet.

Anyways, steve is back from school, and he's sticking around instead of heading to wisconsin. These two factors combined should make for a very interesting summer...
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