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An update on those shirts - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
An update on those shirts
For those of you who have not read the entry regarding the Vlad tshirts, please read it (below) before you go on.

Anyways, shirts are now available, please email me at VFefer@hotmail.com with the subject "Vlad tshirt." In the email, please include the address to which you would like your very own Vlad tshirt sent. Also specify if you would like a personalized message on the back. Personalized messages are 2 dollars extra.

Please also include the most amount of money you would be willing to pay for a Vlad tshirt. I will then take 2 dollars off that figure, and charge you accordingly. For those of you who try and act clever, by saying you would pay 2 dollars at most, or anything less than 2 dollars, you will recieve 3 bags of flaming poop in the mail. Thats right, flaming poop, IN THE MAIL. I used to work with a mailman, and he and I are pretty good friends, and he owns me a couple favors, so don't think I cant get it done. And poop stays on fire for a very long time...a very long time.

Current Mood: Flaming poopy

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