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a New Job? - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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a New Job?
Well, we all know I work at Outback Steakhouse. Now, I do very much enjoy working at OB, but it doesnt seem to be bring in the dough like it used to. This was made very clear on Mothers day which just passed. I had $1450 in sales (quite alot) and I worked for roughly 13.5 hours. But, I ended up walking, at the end of the night, with 157 dollars. For those of you who aren't very good at math, thats a little over 10%. That sucks. I'll say it again: That sucks. People seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper, and it ain't the economy, cuz the economy has been sucking for quite a while (thanks, Dubya!). I work for 6 hours (till about 1145pm) on a tuesday, and I walk with 50 bucks. That also sucks. So I've decided to explore my options. All of which depend on a single factor: Whether or not I take classes over the summer.

Now, If I take classes over the summer, I will have to focus on them, and not have a day job. If I dont take classes over the summer, the options open up alot.
I know I wanna stay at outback, because I really like the people, and if I decide to, later on, when I come back from being away at school (whenever that happens), I can do things like bartend (which is where the money really is)
So, I think the possibilities are...
1) get a day job and stay at OB
2) get a job at a restaurant that's open for lunch and work there the days I dont work at outback (workin both the lunch and dinner shifts)
3) get a late late late night job and work there the days I dont work at Outback. This would be something like working at shoppers and doing the night stocking, which would provide a nice healthy check every 2 weeks, or something like working at Night Shift, if I get offered the job.
4) get a day/night job, something hourly that I can do day or night (such as cashiering at shoppers)

I'm most likely going to go with options 2 and 3. I think the best thing for me to do, would be to get a job at another restaurant that does lunch and work there doin double shifts. Some people at Outback told me about Clyde's which is higher class in terms of restaurant and clientele, so I won't have to worry about the ghetto people and the trashy people that often come into Outback (it would be nice if they atleast learned to read the menu correctly). I'll keep you all posted on how things turn out.

Btw, Night Shift is a strip club. More on that, as it develops.
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