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Further on - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
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Further on
Part 1 is recommended reading

Augustus stared at his watch. His reflection stared back. There was something in his teeth and he was glad he had bought a watch with a mirror in it. It was also good for deflecting the sun into enemy combatants eyes while trying to get the laser function on his other watch warmed up enough to zap them.

A sleek black sedan pulled up next to Augustus and Boris stepped out. The car rolled away. They stood side by side like the last two good french fries left in the container. All that was missing was the ketchup. The ketchup and Richard. And the Talisman. And their other dead friends. And dialogue.

"Well, say something!" Boris muttered.

"You and I and a little toy shop." started Augustus.

"Buy a bag of balloons with the money...we no longer have because Richard stole the Talisman and killed Jayjay, KC, T-Bone, and Margareet!" finished Boris.

"Yes. I know. And now I think we can find them all."

"Jayjay, KC, T-Bone, and Margareet are buried in various locations. We don't need to find them."

"I meant Richard and the Talisman."

The silence was deafening between them, as silence tends to be, because when there is silence you don't hear anything which is as if you are deaf, in an almost wierd sort of way in that silence is really lack of noise so it can't really be deafening but it was definitely deafening.

"What?" said Boris "I couldn't hear you."

"Sorry." Augustus pressed a button and turned off the the deafening silence application on his iPhone. "Come with me, we can't speak in public. There's too much noise."
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usmcvixen From: usmcvixen Date: March 25th, 2009 04:22 am (UTC) (Link)


loved it.
waiting for more.
suggested reading seemed a little more ... developed. narrative in this was funnier, though. Loved the visual imagery of the two fries.
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