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Music - Dont get swallowed by...THE BLOG!
Vlad 2.0...Coming soon!
If you don't believe the sun will rise, stand alone and greet the coming night in the last remaining light.

Current Location: Audioslave - The Last Remaining Light
Current Mood: contemplative
Current Music: Audioslave - Heaven's Dead

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usmcvixen From: usmcvixen Date: January 31st, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC) (Link)


Where I'll watch and I'll wait
And pray for the rain

My additional sentiment from the second album:
Someone falls to pieces
Sleeping all alone

But I guess that's one of the many beautiful differences between you and I, darling.
From: hyperbole Date: January 31st, 2008 07:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
the sun don't go down, it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round
metavlad From: metavlad Date: February 1st, 2008 04:30 am (UTC) (Link)
The world doesnt spin, silly. It prances.
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